Don’t Grow It Alone

Thank you for joining the MessengerX community!

We’re thrilled to come alongside you on your discipleship journey. Regardless of where you find yourself, MessengerX has a collection of life-transforming resources in video, audio, and literary forms to support your individual discipleship needs.

As much as we want you to maximize the resources available to you, we also want to encourage you to include others along your journey. After all, we were never meant to grow alone. When Jesus commissioned His followers to go into all the world and make disciples, He was clearly communicating that our faith should never be something that’s kept to ourselves.

But here’s the thing: We all know how busy life can become, so if you’re concerned that you don’t have enough time to share your faith, don’t be! We’ve made it super simple for you to become the Messenger by empowering you to share your faith with the people in your world.

With this in mind, here are a few quick steps to how you can use MessengerX as a discipleship tool and include others on your discipleship journey.

One of the most exciting features about MessengerX is the ability to share resources with your family and friends via text or email. Seriously, sharing anything is so simple because there’s no cost, so anyone can join.

We also have intuitive share features built into the experience. So, no matter where your loved ones are located around the world, at just the swipe of a finger you can enjoy a discipleship journey together.

After you’ve connected with a friend or two, and have decided what course you want to study together, we suggest scheduling a time each week to meet and discuss each lesson. If you can’t meet in person, there’s always FaceTime or online platforms such as Zoom or Google Hangs you can use.

As Christ-followers, our growth results from our commitment to community. By surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals—whether online or in-person—you’ll be keeping yourself and each other accountable and encouraged to continue growing in faith.

It really is that simple! All you need to do is take what’s been given to you in the MessengerX app and share it with others. But it gets even more fun!

We’ve launched a new feature in the app called the Impact Counter. Now, every time you share content from the app with others or make a donation to support the mission, you’ll see your impact on the world grow in real time.

We’re thrilled to partner with you in making disciples. The Impact Counter will help you keep track along the way and encourage you to keep going!

Go ahead and share the app with someone who needs a bit of X in their life!

— Your MessengerX Team